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One of the biggest barriers to EV adoption is the public faith in the charging network. The current method of deployment is focused on payment collection for profit.

120V: Too Slow
240V: Just Right
480V: Too Expensive

Tesla Wall Connector

Why are we here?

EVs aren't the future, they're the present.

Earning a customer's loyaly is super easy.

EV owners are a growing breed amongst consumers and represent a growing trend in the industry. From where they live to where they spend their time will be decided on easy access to EV charging.

Having an EV charger installed will immediately put you on the map (literally) for every EV on the road. This invesment will last for as long as you keep the charger and will attract new customers everytime someone buys an EV or sells their old one.

  • 48A or 32A Speeds

  • Cost Recovery Options

  • Networking Optional

  • NACS + J1772 Adapter

The Concept of "FREE"

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Charging Speeds 101

How Fast Is Fast?

  • Level 1: 120V
  • Level 2: 240V
  • Level 3: 480V

Best suited for emergencies where no other option exists; Level 1 charging provides roughly 1 kWh/hour taking 20-30 hours to fully charge even the smallest electric vehicle.

Level 2 charging is the best solution for the vast majority of customers. Providing 7 kWh to 19 kWh/hour, you can get a full charge in 4-10 hours depending on your EV.

The fastest charging method is Level 3 DC Fast Charging. Although VERY costly to install and maintain, this rushes 50 kWh to 350 kWh/hour into your EV, taking only 1-2 hours.

The average duration for a shopping or restaurant visit is 1 hour. Customers can expect to grab 7-11 kWh in that short time. EVs come in all shapes and sizes!

  • 2016 Nissan Leaf = 24 kWh

  • 2019 Chevy Bolt = 60 kWh

  • 2020 Tesla Model Y = 75 kWh

  • 2023 Nissan Ariya = 87 kWh

  • 2023 Lucid Air = 118 kWh


$799   / per unit

Everything starts here.

Includes 3-Year Warranty

  • (1) 32-48A EV Charger

  • NACS +/or J1772 Plug

  • Remote Install Support

  • FREE Shipping Nationwide



$399   / per unit

Professional project management.

Manage + Promote The Charger

  • Get Your Charger Listed

  • Includes Parking Space Paint

  • Includes EV Parking Signage

  • Includes Project Management



$599   / per unit

Partner discounted install rates.

Average Install Package Includes

  • Certified Electrician Install

  • Includes 75ft of Cable

  • Includes All Hardwares

  • Adds 5 Year Labor Warranty


$199 / Each

Service + Upgrade

Protect Your Investment

Life happens, customers happen, let us fix it. All EV chargers can get damaged by day to day use or may experience a fluke internal issue just like a gas pump. If that happens, SUDO will step in and take care of the problem, top to bottom.

  • Next Day Services

    A local agent will help you with anything you'll ever need.

  • FREE Upgrade After 5 Years

    Get a EV charger on us! Pay for 5 years and we deliver.

Why Choose SUDO?

There are dozens of players in this rapidly growing industry, but only SUDO has the ethics to sell you the right solution at a fair cost. Don't get extorted by the big guys banking on grants.

  • 20x Cheaper Than Level 3 Chargers

  • Educated & Experienced: We'll Teach You!

  • Small Business Focused, But Scalable